Sunday, April 19, 2009

Pitt Jamfest

Just got back from Pittsburgh a few moments ago. It was a pretty easy and fairly quick drive from Indianapolis. Pitt is a confusing place though I will say that. I liked their campus though. Here are some player reports.

Kyrie Irving NJ Road Runners- I heard he was good and that I needed to watch him...something I hear kind of often and rarely does the player live up to the hype. Kyree did and was even better. Lightning quick, great handles, range to 25 feet or farther, great hops. Truly impressive to watch. If he isn't an all-american I don't know who is.

Justin Coleman Petersburg Elite (VA)- Diamond in the rough here. 6'6" SF that is athletic as you can get. Finished really well in traffic against much larger players. He isn't on the scene right now, but I expect that to change very quickly.

Jack Isenbarger Spiece Indy Heat- He has been pegged as a shooting guard, but he played mostly point this weekend and played it well and defended it well against tough competition. He is a steal for mid-majors. A quick, solid point guard with size and he can shoot...sounds decent to me.

Travis Carroll Spiece Indy Heat- Purdue might have the next Tim Duncan. Just kidding Boilermakers. He is very fundamental though and it will be interesting how he develops. Purdue liked that he was a true post when they offered him so I'm not sure they want him to become much of a face-up threat other than the occasional jumper.

Ron Patterson Spiece Indy Stars- Scary describes it pretty well. Great athlete that is developing great range. Tough to compete with him.

Kellon Thomas Spiece Indy Stars- A little undersized but quick and strong. Great basketball IQ. I don't think his lack of height will hurt his recruiting.

I'll post more later just wanted to get some quick notes down.

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