Thursday, January 22, 2009

Random Thought

I really hate the idea of a conference tournament especially to decide who gets automatic bids to the NCAA tournament. In the big conferences, it doesn't matter much because the top regular season leaders of the conference will more than likely get at-large bids. If I was a mid-major though I would be strongly against it. A team like Oral Roberts could go undefeated in conference and then lose a heart breaker in the conference tournament and they would have no chance at the big dance.

Conferences will not be getting rid of conference tournaments anytime soon. They make extra money therefore athletic directors and what not love them. I would like more small conferences that get poor attendance at the conference tournaments to reward the teams that won the regular season.

Just a random thought as we are quickly approaching March. Basketball season goes by too fast especially in Indiana.


Drop Step Dunk said...

I feel the same way. They award the team that can put 3-4 games together instead of the team who has put 15 or more games together. And a lot of times the games are on neutral courts. It speaks more when you can go into someone else's house and win during the conference season.

Trevor Andershock said...