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Sunday, January 4, 2009

First Post of 20-09

I prefer twenty-O-nine. So, I would like more people to start doing the same. haha. I'm looking for 2009 to be a great year and not just a good year. I'm determined to get it done this year. I have gained a great perspective on things over the past year. I look to use that perspective to my advantage.

I do want to talk about great effort. Effort can be a hard thing to teach because people usually have a false self image of what they are actually doing. Video tape can help in that area. I think the best thing is calling the player out when you know they are giving 80%. An effort that they will believe is good enough. A level of effort they are comfortable with. Breaking the "comfort zone" is a key in doing anything well in life. Fighting to get more out of yourself in any spectrum is crucial. The fact you know you have to fight through fatigue and the fact you know you can get more out of yourself when you originally might think you are maxed out.

Bench time is another great option. Every player wants to play. Benching a few times usually gets the point across. If it doesn't improve things rather quickly then the player probably doesn't get it and may never. The player probably thinks they are bigger than the game but they find out they aren't down the road.

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