Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Indianapolis received about 13 inches of snow last night and into this morning. I did try to drive through an unplowed alley behind my house to get food. Needless to say I got stuck many times. I worked the forward-reverse-forward technique for a lot of it but in the end I need neighbor help who happened to be outside so I definitely got lucky there.

Duke and Wake Forest play tonight. I'm very excited for the game although I won't be rooting for either team. It should be a great game. I expect Wake to win...they definitely have more talent, but Duke plays so well together. Duke is almost a throwback team that does the little things right to win and win big.

Jeff Teague, the Wake point guard, is a Indianapolis native. He was underrated in high school. He sure would help Indiana right now. He is one of the best players in college basketball and he could prove that tonight. Wake Forest does have a huge height advantage though so they might have the ball go through the post every possession which might hurt Teague's numbers tonight. It would be interesting if Teague and Henderson guarded each other. Talk about athleticism, wow as Dickie V would say.

Side note, if Indiana University could shoot free-throws they would have 3 Big Ten wins right now. They have so many disadvantages with so many walk-ons and freshmen playing but they continue to fight. They have out rebounded each of their conference opponents so far...which is ridiculous if you ask me. Coach Crean has them playing incredibly hard though and if they cut down on a couple of unforced turnovers and knock down some free throws (especially in the clutch) then they will compete in their final conference games.

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