Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Start of the season

Quick update...the college season has already begun. I have made it to three college practices for three different colleges so far. I hope to make it to a few more places before the season starts. It is fun to see how each coach teaches something...the terms they use, the way they get their point across. Basketball is a simple game and most of the time people make it more complex than it really is by trying to do too much.

I am looking for some good coaching books/DVDs. If anyone has any suggestions let me know. I will update the blog soon when I have more time.


Anonymous said...

I am pulling for you buddy

Anonymous said...

Coach, do you have any contact information? I have a player you would be interested in. A very quick, 6' , utility player with great court vision and exceptional anticipation. DOB 9/4/92. You can contact me at bradleyhall@comcast.net

Anonymous said...

I gotta say, I'm pretty surprised I found a blog like this. We are pretty much in the same boat. I'm 18, a college student, and a 17U AAU basketball coach (and now a graduate assistant with a high school) in Maryland. I was just thinking about starting a blog to chronicle my adventures in coaching when I came across your's. Best of luck to you, and it's good to see another young person like myself trying to break onto the scene.