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Friday, June 8, 2007

Butler Camp

I worked the Butler University Boys' Basketball Camp this week. It was my first time working a major camp and I had a great time. The staff and players were very welcoming and friendly. Overall, it was an unbelievable first camp success.

The main goal was to get to know the staff. The staff actually made this easy for me. They made a lot of small talk and got to know the camp workers. I can only hope the coaches at future camps are that easy to talk to and to get to know! I think I made some good connections with the Butler least maybe for some free tickets next year.

Next up is the Butler University Girls' camp. It's going to be a long week of camp. There are two camps in one. Individual camp from 8am-4pm and then a team camp each night from 5pm-10pm. Definitely should be fun!

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T Flav said...

Hey thanks for the Wie comment and clarifying. I just noticed the comment. I miss you. Come home.